'Snow White and The Huntsman' Wonder Con 2012 Panel (March 17)

” Well, if it’s true love, I think that no matter what, it’ll never go away“ 

Kristen's birthday project tweet

So guys, I’m going to donate a dime to Kristen’s birthday charity project for every retweet my tweet gets. You have time to retweet it until 8pm Thursday evening (Belgian time!). Then I’ll donate the amount raised (with a minimum of 20 dollars and a max of 40 because I’m not rich and I can actually use every dime myself!) either way, I’m doing this because Alzheimer’s research is such a beautiful cause and I want to give people who can’t afford it at all a chance to donate even a little this way. So go and retweet it!

The Tonight Show | November 2011

pousseyvause: I LOVE your blog!! Its perfect with your beautiful edits of her gorgeous smile <3


Thank you, really! :D